Annette Cooper lives in the hinterland north of Byron Bay on the east coast of Australia, about two hours’ drive south of Brisbane.

A foundation training in couture and her practical experience in growing, dyeing and spinning merino wool inform Annette’s approach to making felt. She is self-taught and uses the standard felting methods, but she has refined and extended these methods to produce extraordinarily lightweight luxury felts.

She also brings to bear on her work a designer’s eye and sophisticated needlework skills.

Her professional expertise in garment design and construction enable her to make each piece of felt to the required shape and size, rather than cutting into the fabric.

Each garment is lined and hand-finished. The surface of the felt is often embellished with machine or hand embroidery, quilting or beading.

Annette’s felt is far lighter, softer and more lustrous than anything one would ordinarily imagine felt could be. This delicacy is the result of methodical and extensive experimentation. She leaves nothing to chance and lavishes care and patience on every piece she makes.

Zinnia jacket: work in felt by Annette Cooper