Mark Carew

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Information Technology / Analyst Programmer


·         Extensive systems experience in a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, Transport, charities, government.

·         C# .Net 4.0 -  WPF, WCF, Win forms, Web forms ASP.NET (2), Web Services

·         National and international companies.

·         Keen intellect, excellent people skills and the ability to communicate with technical and non-technical clients at all levels.

·         Seeking further opportunities to focus my skills on C# Programming.








C#  .net 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 - 1.1, 2.0, 3.5

5 Years


MSSql 2000/2005/2008, Enterprise Mgr, Server MgrMnt Studio

7 Years


Visual Studio 2003,2005,2008,2010 Professional/Premium/Enterprise

5 Years


Winforms 1.1, 2.0, 3.5

5 Years


Asp.Net 2.0, 3.5 sp1, ASP.Net MVC 1.0 with .NetTiers

3 Years


Web Services (Server and Client)

4 Years


Windows Services (Server and Client)

4 Years


ADO.NET, Linq2Sql, Linq2Objects, Linq2Xml, Linq2Entities,LinqPad

4 Years


Asp.Net-Ajax, Ajax Control Toolkit, Javascript, XMLHttp

6 Months


Syncfusion - Essential Studio Windows Forms Edition Binary

2 Years


WPF 4.0, Linq, OpenXml, WordProcessingML, SpreadSheetML

3 Years


WCF 4.0, Rest POX, Net.TCP, wsHttpBinding

2 Years


Entity Framework 4.0, STE

8 Months






4 Years


Advantage Database Server

2 Years



1.5 Years


PostgreSQL, PSql

4 Years


ActiveX, Ole, Automation, Com Visible

3 Years


Linux, Samba, Apache

5 Years


Windows 3.11, 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7

15 Years


Trac, Jira, Cruise Control, Code Smith, CSLA, Tortoise Svn, Infra

15 Months



11 Years


Clipper, Classy, ObjectDb

15 Years



14 Years



Recent systems projects follow


Dominos Pizza Enterprises from July 2010 ongoing (contract)

C#, .NET 4.0, WCF, WPF, Agile, Entity Framework 4.0 STE, TFS, OpenXml, Linq to Entities, T4, SQL2008, VS2010, Style Cop

Contract Senior WPF C# Developer, Supply chain management system, Inventory, Bill of Materials,

Forecasting, Estimating, Purchasing


News Limited, Queensland Newspapers, Brisbane from Oct 2007 till July 2010 (permanent)

C# .NET 1.1, 2.0, CSLA, Win Forms, SQL 2000, 2005, 2008, VS2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, WPF .Net 3.5, SSIS 2008, Asp.Net MVC, WMI, SMO, WCF, Rest


l  Senior C# Developer,  National Subscriptions System

l  Programming in C# .net and 1.1, 2.0 Win forms, sql2000, sql2005, sql2008, SSIS 2008

l  TortoiseSVN, Cruise Control, Code Smith, Jira, Infra, Code Complete

l  Functional and User Acceptance testing, code drop cycle co-ordination

l  Recursive text search utility  in both WPF 3.5 & Win forms 2.0

l  WPF,  .net 4.0 Ops Manager, Manage job queues for FT, UAT, PROD, TEST etc

l  SSIS 2008 excel 2007 spread sheets to VS2008 tables

l  ASP .Net MVC 1.0 using .net tiers as Model

l  Credit Card Gateway Stub HTTP POX, Rest WCF

l  WCF, .net 4.0, vs2010, Net.tcp windows service host, WMI and SQL servers/services management 

l  WPF, .net 4.0, SqLite3,  direct bank account subscriptions


PLAN INTERNATIONAL (AUSTRALIA) Melbourne       Feb 2005 – Present (contract)

Solutions Architect / Analyst Programmer

C# .NET 2.0, 3.5, Com component Assemblies, Web Service Clients,

XBase++, JSON, WSDL, LINQ, asmx, OpenXML, WPF, Winforms


l  Project 10 --------Oct 2009

l  Automate data collection from Web Services by parsing WSDL Schemas and JSON returned data set values into .dbf and SQL tables. Using VS2008 Linq , asmx


l  Project 9 -------- Sept 2009

l  Create a drag-able canvas Photo Editing utility in VS2008 using .net C# 3.5 WPF imaging combined with .net 2.0 graphics drawing to correct photos with incorrect aspect ratios and orientation.


l  Project 8 -------- June 2009

l  Rework the .net C# 3.5, Wordprocessingml, Openxml com visible dll VS2008 project created in project 7 to render the docx output in Traditional Chinese, for the Hong Kong office.


l  Project 7 --------

l  Write a .net C# 3.5, Wordprocessingml, Openxml com visible dll using VS2008 to create mail merged docx documents containing images, rich text and variable length unordered lists for targeted promotional printing. Convert the same docx documents to html for web viewing and storage.


l  Project 6 --------

l  Write a .net C# 2.0 Windows Forms application to rewrite jpgs with a staple border and captioned bottom border of variable lines. Create and print composite multi-page pdfs from pdf, word and jpgs and xml




l  Project 5 --------

l  Write a .net C# 2.0 Web Services client application to retrieve data from a web service running in India visual studio 2005 professional. The resultant com visible dll is used by all Plan International offices to extract authenticated and zipped data from a central data store.


l  Project 4 --------

l  Write a .net C# 2.0 Windows Forms, treeview, datagridview application to extract specific meta data from jpgs into xml and csv files for data acquisition using visual studio 2005 professional



PLAN INTERNATIONAL (AUSTRALIA) Melbourne       Continued


l  Project 3 --------

l  Write a .net C# MS web service client com dll for use by other language compilers against the childbook web service running on an  I-Series IBM


l  Project 2 --------

l  Contracted to write interfacing software to an MS Web service running in India.

l  Using Dot Net 2.0 C# to create a COM class library that exposes two web services for use in an xBase++ calling program. Data is taken from Soap/XML and placed in an Extended Systems Advantage DataBase for use by the Australian Plansys xBase based program suite.

l  Next stage is to write a Dot Net 2.0 c# wsdl based Web Service to respond to data being pushed from the Indian Web Service System.


l  Project 1 --------

l  First Phase, convert PLAN’s existing data processing software from DOS – Novell using Advantage Database Server & Clipper to a Windows platform, using Advantage Database Server with xBASE++.

l  Second Phase, Create soap (xml) server\client systems to interact with a new PHP based WEB service being developed for PLAN running on an external Linux Web Server. This will run as a service application on a Windows 2003 file server utilising https.

l  Conversion included replacing clipper cltext library functionality with an ActiveX (Com)  based Rich Text File editor with conversion from cltext data to RTF and HTML.

l  Printing of the resultant Rich Text is achieved by parsing the Rich Text Files for page-breaks & inserted-string translations.

l  Multiple Rich Text blocks are combined to create documents that are printed or converted to html for emailing.

l  In the parsing process for Rich Text Files, I have employed Perl’s pcre.dll which is implemented as an COM/OLE Xbase++ library.

l  Well-developed skills with Perl’s Regular Expression engine and Rich Text control words.


Morgan Court Pty. Ltd,. Melbourne   - From Jan 2007 (contract)

C# .NET 2.0 Win Forms – Sync-fusion Essential packages

l  Programming in C# .net 2.0 Win forms, sql2005 express

l  Convert existing 1.8 MB of c# source code from .net 1.1 to .net 2.0, MSDE 2000 to sql2005 express 

l  Complete Backup and Restore SQL database project (pdasbackup.exe)

l  Maintenance changes to main system (pdas.exe)

l  Convert from Sync-fusion 4 to Sync-fusion 5


UME Magazine, Stradbroke Island - From July 2006 (contract)

C#, ASP.NET 2.0 Web forms Development

l  Ume Magazine Web Site in ASP.NET 2.0, C#


l  Web forms, grid view, details view, sql2005 based system showing issues, articles and spreads.

l  Image views restricted to jpg files with optional PDF article downloads

l  Owner content management system using secured sql2005 and ftp

l  Online PDF shopping cart


Joy Jensen Celebrant Website  From Dec 2008 (contract)

C#, ASP.NET 3.5, WebUserControl, HTML, JavaScript, CSS 

l  Simple click through web site,  animation by JavaScript, CSS  and Gimp


Volvo Information Technology, Sydney (contract)                                                   June 2007 – Dec 2007


l  Convert the text based “Dealer Assist” xBase++ system used for all small Volvo dealers to GUI.

l  120 hour initial contract extended to 240 hours


International Christian Aid Relief Enterprises Ltd. , Sydney (contract)                        July 2007 - Present


l  Convert text based dos foxpro 2.6 system to gui xBase++. Modified frx2prg to create frx2xbase, which translates frx report form files to windows printing source code functions

l  120 hour initial contract - extended


MITCHELL CORP EAST  (Formerly Helidon Carrying Co. Qld)                                                1994 – 2007

Principal IT Support

l  Managed all IT eventualities, designing and programming the main transport system used for trip tracking and billing, tyres, fuel and workshop.

l  The system, originally written in DOS Clipper, was converted to Windows using xBase++ programming language and now runs against an sql2000 database back end.

l  Retained virtually the same user interface in the transition from the original DOS system.

l  Supply tyre rotation management system to Mitchell Corp West, Kalgoorlie (10/2007)


DIB FINANCE, Sydney  Nov 2005 – Nov 2006 (contract)

Systems Analyst / Programmer

l  Contracted to complete a partially installed xBase++ system.

l  Requirements are being gathered for stage 3 after a successful stage 2 implementation

l  The system manages Bank mortgage finance, from initial application to settlement, creating email and SMS alerts and status reports for field consultants.


B&G FIRST NATIONAL REAL ESTATE, Sydney (contract)                                                         2003 – 2005

Systems Analyst / Programmer

l  Contracted to revive an abandoned xBase++ system and restore it to full production and maintainability from Source Code fragments.

l  System delivers telemarketing operator and Front Office lead generation, tracking and maintenance facilities.

l  Introduced new Software to the system employing xBase++ ASINET library to optionally email appointment confirmations to lead clients.

l  Promotional material is emailed, upon request, to lead clients using the MARSHALLSOFT see4xb library. The library interfaces directly to an SMTP service sending HTML emails with inline graphic images.

l  Created an OCX wrapper to communicate with PowerConnex Predictive Dialler software. System uses ActiveX COM and sql2000.

l  Demonstrated familiarity and skill with HTML, SMTP, COM, sql2000.



MAGIC WAND DEPT PTY LTD. Self Employed Contractor, Brisbane from 1991

IT Analyst/ Programmer


Specialising in C# Programming (WPF, Win Forms, ASP.Net, WCF, Web Services), I have created or maintained the following systems.


§  Accommodation Booking and Billing; Body Corporate Management; Brewery, Domestic Banking; Electrical Repairers; Health Industry; Insurance Brokers; Pawn Brokers; Police Systems; Post Services; Manufacturing; Mechanical Workshops; Printing; Produce Merchants; Retail; Stock Broker; Telemarketing; Transport Haulage; Travel Industry; Tyre & Fuel Management, Service Operations monitoring and maintenance, Supply chain management, Charity sponsorship.